It’s hard to take good macro images

I’ve tried to do some macro photography today, but I am not that happy with the results to be honest. First of all it was very windy, and I tried to do it by hand. I’ll try using my tripod next, and maybe get help from my girlfriend. She might hold a reflector to give me better light and maybe something to shield for the wind. This is kind of typical, I am a bit lazy and the lazy part of me know that I probably should do it the hard way, but I also know that if I take enough pictures a few of them are bound to be adequate. Well, I managed to get a few passable ones, but I promise to do this better.

The only thing that saved my images is that even though I used 12.800 in ISO, my new Canon 5D mark III actually still gives me quite good photos. (I needed that ISO-setting to get a fast enough shutter speed)

Macro - big fly

Macro – big fly (this image has not been cropped)

Macro - fly and flower

Macro – fly and flower

Close version of fly and flower

Close up version of fly and flower

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