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Last weekend I attended a street-photography workshop by Bjørn Moholdt and Nomaden. Nomaden is a bookshop in Norway specializing in travel books and accessories. Bjørn Moholdt is a former editor of travel magazines and a professional photographer. All in all I had a great time, and managed to get a few images as well. Bjørn wanted us to think up a story and tell it with text and images, so read my story below and please say what you think.


Culture crash

– We do not have class differences in Norway, a friend of mine said. I did not agree.
– We have lots of people who stays more or less on the outside of what you and I define as the “society”. They do not have the same opportunities as us. Isn’t that class differences? I retorted.

We did not agree, but if you walk along an area in Oslo called “Grønland” on a Saturday morning and have a look at the largest “second-hand” market you cannot avoid to notice some of the differences in Norway.

Market customers

Market customers

I am not an expert on classes, but it is obvious that there is a different group of people frequenting the new “Mathallen” a few minutes north of Grønland. “Mathallen” is a new market specializing in quality foods and drinks. Young families with children, celebrities with their young girlfriends or boyfriends looking at counters displaying expensive and exclusive quality products. All this makes the atmosphere very different and obvious compared to the cold outdoor market further south.

High-end market customers

High-end market customers

These two markets are very different, all the way to the salespeople behind the counters, but at the same time the similarities makes the differences so very obvious. The number of blonde people is a lot higher in Mathallen, but you find all types in both markets.

Market salespeople

Market salespeople

High-end market salespeople

High-end market salespeople

I guess the clothing is the big separator, the number of people wearing “special” clothing, to my eyes, are a lot higher in Grønland, and so is the number of people with a different ethnic background than the nordic one. Maybe not different classes but very much a difference in cultures.


As always I take too many pictures, please have a look at some that did not make the “article” above but that I liked anyway.

Market customers

Market customers. This guy blew past me on this bike. I would expect some children to do this, not an older man.

Colour coordinated

Colour coordinated, I just liked how his bag matched the walls and signs behind him.

Faces in the light

Faces in the light. On our way from Grønland to Mathallen we passed “Blå”. This is an area where a lot of local artists have a market on Sundays. These people were probably on their way to Mathallen and just looked up on some of the art in the area. (In this case a large chandelier)

High-end market support

High-end market support. Mathallen still had a few kinks that needed to be fixed.

Uniform and child

Uniform and child. On my way home I met this friendly girl. She was waiting outside a store selling strollers, and I liked the contrast from a stroller to the uniform. Her name is Kristine, and she has her own blog called My Limerance.



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  • Henning

    Mye stilige bilder, likte spesielt det første. Jeg hadde tenkt til å delta på den workshopen selv, men fikk ikke tid.