All work and no play?

This blog as been quite silent for a few weeks. I am sorry, but sometimes the official part of my life takes up a bit more of my time than might be wished. As for most of us in the IT industry our work also is a big part of our hobby and interests. I guess we are kind of like artists in this. I like to
think of my occupation as one of the creative occupations. Maybe I do not paint or create statues, but I participate in creating something most of days.
Oh I guess some will disagree, but hey, I live in a country where free speech still exists …. (I hope).

As many of you have noticed by now. The blogging world is still increasing in numbers. Most blogs though are short lived, or they concern things I do not follow regularly. Celebrity blogs and diaries is not my thing. I am more likely to read a blog where I can learn something useful. I guess I follow too many blogs, but I would like to point out a few blogs from some of my friends.

I also follow a lot of photo blogs, but I guess I will write up a blog entry about those another time.

If you are a friend of mine, with a blog of your own and it isn’t mentioned here. Well, please give me a hint, or add a comment below.

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