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I’ve got a lot of nerdy friends. One of them is on chatting terms with Sir Tim. Who is Tim you might ask? Well if you have to ask, then you probably aren’t that interested in technology. We are talking TBL here… Tim Berners-Lee. The man behind the World Wide Web.

Now, that is an idea that most have heard of. If not, how are you reading this? The World Wide Web is an invention that has permeated our entire society. We are producing, consuming and sharing content on an enormous scale. All due to his proposal from March 1989, according to several sources (2 pages on wikipedia: Tim Berners-Lee and WWW). The name could have been Information Mesh, The Information Mine (TIM – a reference to his Name?), Mine of Information (MOI – moi is me in French!), but they settled on World Wide Web. A name that most people only pronounce as the web, WWW or W3.

So let us skip back to my friend again. He just happened to chat with Tim this weekend, and suddenly he remembered to ask. ”Hey, if we would like to celebrate the WWW, what date should we do that on?”

His reply?

”March 13!” (The exact language was a bit more engineer like)

So this Friday the Web as we know it will be 20 years old.

Let’s all write together now… CONGRATULATIONS,

and thank you Sir Tim.

My employer Computas also wanted to talk about this event so they created this little newsitem (in Norwegian) World Wide Web fyller 20 år fredag den 13.!

A lot of other sites also mentions this little item: – Gratulerer med dagen, WWW! (in Norwegian) – Gratulerer, world wide web!(in Norwegian) – Weben fyller 20 år i dag

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