Life goes on

So I thought that I should visit Østensjøvann again. After all it is early summer and I hoped that some of the chickens had been hatched by now, and I was correct. I got to see some very young mute swan (knoppsvane) chickens and mallard (stokkand) chickens. The mallard with her chickens obviously scared the eurasian coot (sothøne) and she/he tried to show how big it was, but I missed the picture when the mallard attacked the coot and scared it away. These two were the only set of chickens I found so far, but I expect several other chickens to be hatching the next few days.

These set of chickens were both less than a week old. I might visit the lake a few more times to see if I get some more images of young chicks, but I promise not to turn this blog into a bird watcher blog.

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