Fearless 1

Last night I attended a project dinner in Oslo after a long day at work. On my way home I noticed a lot of people looking up. I did as they and was a bit shocked by this woman balancing on top of a very flexible pole about 40 meters above ground. (This number is a guesstimate on my part based on the height of the nearby buildings). She was standing on top of the pole, balancing, hanging by a leg and doing several other stunts. I admit that she was wearing a safety rope, but hey it looked pretty scary anyway. While she was up there it even started to rain a few drops as well.

In the picture below you can see her looking down at me. I have also included a video in the full blog entry (click on the title above to see the video). Please have a look at that to see how the pole and the acrobat was swinging beneath the clouds.

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One thought on “Fearless

  • Simen S

    Perhaps she had deployed SharePoint – out of the box – without a big project – successfully in her organization , and needed a new challenge