Øyeren and Fetsund log boom museum

Not far from where I live there is a reasonably large lake called Øyeren. This is the 9th largest lake in Norway and is fed by our largest river, Glomma.

A few years ago (as late as the 1980’s) they used to float timber down Glomma and Fetsund Lenser (Fetsund Log Booms) was the greatest collecting point for this timber. They have turned these old buildings, rafts and boats into a museum called Fetsund Lenser. There are several kilometers of rafts connected that you may walk if you have the courage to do so on the river and lake. We arrived after they had closed for the day, but we got a nice afternoon sun instead. We drove along the west coast of Øyeren and I also got a few pictures down by the lake. So take a look at some of my photos from Fetsund and Øyeren, I have played around with HDR on two of the images so please tell me what you think.

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