Google Buzz

The Buzz is growing among us nerds. It is typical among my friends to be testing everything new I guess. This is probably an effect of our general curiosity for anything we feel is interesting. Right now Google is back in the buzzing circle, after what many consider to be an overhyping of Google Wave. Their new product Google Buzz is kind of a competition for Facebook and Twitter combined with location information. They are integrating Google Mail, Google Reader and Google Maps into the mix as well. According to their presentation video they even want to integrate Google Latitude and Google Wave into the mix later on.

My experiences so far are mixed.

  • The integration with Google Mail works kind of well, but it can get a bit noisy when you start discussing buzzes
  • I like the way they hide things that seems to be uninteresting. Their idea of showing what is important and hiding what is not is promising.
  • The search features combined with large numbers of messages is probably a key feature.
  • The integration with flickr and twitter is a starting point so far. I want to see those I follow in twitter within Buzz as well, and not only my tweets, but I understand the reasoning behind the current functionality.
  • The photo posting is not available on the iphone, but the feature in Google Buzz using a browser on my PC works great.
  • Link posting with the rich interface is not available on the iphone, but again, using a PC works great.

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