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There are several new opportunities included in my new blogging platform. One of them is the opportunity to include geotags when blogging from my iPhone.

This is a feature the nerd in me likes, but the practical man in me kind of feel is more a feature they have added because they can and not because they need to. In a travel blog this might be a good thing, but for me?

It is kind of like this picture from our corporate shredder. A shredder is of course a bit dangerous, so you don’t need to tell it like this.

You know, too much information?

Time will show 🙂

Update 2010-05-09: The theme I am using does not support geotags out of the box. I am probably going to create my own theme sometime in the future though.

Update 2010-05-10: I found a wordpress plugin that fixes it for me!

Shredder pictograms

Shredder pictograms

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