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A few weeks ago I managed to weasel myself into another of Greg Gorman’s Workshops. Nordic Light in Kristiansund had gotten him to come back to Norway for the 3rd year in a row, and to host a 5 day portrait workshop. I was one of the 8 participants.

There are a few photographers out there that really have done almost everything within their field, and Greg is one of them. He probably is one of the most accomplished portrait photographers currently alive, and he has photographed almost every major celebrity in Hollywood. For several years now he has also been teaching his eye, his techniques and his photographic philosophy to new students of photography. His way of photographing people is based on years of experience, a distinct taste for what he likes and what he wants to show. What actually makes his workshops something to take part in is his friendly way and easy-going teaching style. He really wants everyone to take away something useful from his workshops, and he shares as much as he is able to in the allotted time available to us.

I have included some of my best photos from my 5 days in Kristiansund, and I would like to thank Nordic Light, Greg Gorman, the friendly models and the other fantastic participants for some great days of photography and a wonderful time. Hope to see you all again soon.

The fantastic participants:

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