iPhone 6 plus experiences

Last week I got my new iPhone 6 Plus. A “small” little device with a 5,5” screen. I am guessing a lot of you are wondering – is it worth it? And what about the size? And… a lot of other stuff. I thought I should give you my humble comments on the experiences of owning it for a week. I should mention that I jumped from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 Plus, I have not used an iPhone 5s, so some of my points below could easily have been used for the iPhone 5s.

First of all: It does not bend. Not easily anyway – I admit I have not REALLY tried to break it, but I did test it using reasonable force. Force that I would expect to be OK, and it was.


  1. Battery – Finally an iPhone that can survive more than one day using EVERYTHING.
  2. Screen – A big screen is actually not that bad if you read a lot on your mobile, I do.
  3. Performance – It is a powerful smartphone and apps run a lot faster now.
  4. Camera – I use the camera on my iPhone a lot, and the improved slow-motion filming mode is something I play with more than I should admit. I have not really tested the image stabilizer.
  5. TouchID – I like the simplicity of opening my mobile just by holding a finger on the start button.
  6. Step Counter – I like to see measurements of my activity and use several fitness apps. The step counter is a welcome addition for me.


  1. Size – I have pretty large hands so it does not bother me too much, but I have to adjust my grip slightly to reach all sides of the screen using one hand. 
  2. Placement of power button – As I mentioned above I use the camera a lot, and I have been using the volume up button as a shutter button for a long time. My main gripe with the camera on the new iPhone is that they have moved the power button directly opposite the volume up button. Using a normal grip on my phone, I will both press the release button AND the power button, this shuts down the phone and I do not take a photo. This has happened more often than I would like to admit. I would expect my body to learn by now.
  3. Apps are not using the improved screen yet. I know this might be a bit early, but I would really like apps to use available screen space in an improved way.
  4. It might be a “tad” expensive. I went all the way and bought the 128 GB version.

All my other concerns, both plus and minus relates to iOS 8, and not the hardware by itself, so I guess that should be covered in a separate blog post.

Concluding this small blog post: So far it has been worth it for me, but I might have been satisfied with the normal iPhone 6 too. I do like that I do not run out of battery during the day while still using all the features though.

Enjoy your phones, even though if you should happen to use an Android phone.

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