My first Apple TV4 experiences

Yesterday I got delivery of my new Apple TV4. This is my review of the device after three hours of use last night.

The new apple TV is about the same basic size as version 3, but has become a little taller and reasonably heavier. On the back it has lost the optical audio out and now only has HDMI out.

The new controller works well, as most user interfaces do when Apple have put their engineers to work. The setup worked fast and easy. The new feature where you use your iPhone to configure networks and apple-id is great, but that only worked on the initial setup. I still had to type in several passwords selecting one character at the time using the remote control later on, when downloading apps, or configuring services (like Netflix or HBO).

I tried installing a game and playing that using the small remote. It worked but I would probably spring for the game controller instead. Graphics and sound seemed to work OK, some films got a bit jumpy when the entire scene panned sideways. This might be due to network issues or hifi-hardware issues, but this is something I will need to test further. It might even be due to the Netflix app.

So far: A nice little device. I need to test it more!

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