Morten Krogvold Workshop level 2

Last month (October 2017), I attended another photography workshop. This time I joined Morten Krogvold again for the second tier of his 3 tier workshops. I guess that I have crossed the border between an entusiast and into slightly obsessed  with my photography now. A fair amount of us had joined Morten and his crew at Vågå Hotell in Vågåmo. I had a great time even though I was fumbling around the first part of the workshop.

I would highly recommend one of Morten Krogvolds workshops, but bear in mind that he expects you to participate when you are there. He wants you to work hard and stay focused, but he is there among the students the whole way too. Until 4 o’clock in the night if that is necessary to get a good picture. Do not be scared though, it is very enjoyable and rewarding.

When Morten evolved his workshops over time he landed on three workshops:

  • An introductory level workshop,
  • a second tier with a crash course in art history and the choice of some topics and
  • a third tier that is more focused and where you are assigned a topic for the week.

The topic I chose was “What does the shadows want?”. I thought this would be an interesting topic, but it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. I started out being theatrical and planned a shoot with selfies in the night woods using lights and cutout cardboard shapes for shadows. It turned out to be kind of childish and stupid though, so I had to go back to the drawing board. I have included one of the photos though that did not turn out too bad. I played around with a fire damaged birch three, but I was not satisfied with that either.

It was not until I discovered the giant’s kettles near “Knights leap” or “Ridderspranget” that I found some shapes and live in the shadows. These might not be my very best photos, but I had great fun discovering the light and the shadows in between the waterfalls. Enjoy.



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