Memories, metaphors in landscape

In October this year I attended a workshop at Saga on Inderøy, Norway. It was partially remote learning and out photographing the landscape near Straumen. Elizabeth Greenberg together with NORDphotography lead us through 5 days of theory and assignments. It was a fantastic workshop, and I can really recommend both workshops from NORD photography and Elizabeth Greenberg as a teacher. Especially if you like landscape photography and want to create a story. If you, like me, maybe haven’t really focused on that before, this is a workshop you should try.

Elizabeth is a big part of Maine Media where she teaches and works as a Provost. Her own photography “suggests fictitious memories of moments and places imagined”, as it says on their home page. She does not make us try to emulate her photography but focuses on techniques that enables us to photograph series in ways that we maybe haven’t done before.

The last of the work I produced was a series of childhood memories from when I was growing up on the west-coast of Norway back in the 70’s. Elizabeth was a very good teacher and had a very interesting progression of assignments that gave me, and I think all of us, new inspiration and a mental evolution of how to create a story and narrative using photos and our own feelings, characteristics and experiences.

I also created a little video using these same photos, where I included some music and some text.

The Metaphors in Landscape video

I had great fun creating these photos and the slideshow. There were some photos that I didn’t use as well. I have included some of them in the gallery below.

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