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A friend of mine and I had the same little need lately. We would like a portable and easy Depth of Field Calculator for our camera. We both have a PocketPC with Windows Mobile 6, and there are several formulas for depth of field available on the net. So, here you are. This is a beta version of my little Depth of Field Calculator. Please tell me what you think.

Update 20080226 – Updated with Sony Alpha Digital SLR’s as well

Note: This version only works with a full Pocket PC (Not Smartphone!)

Easier to find URL: >>Download Depth of Field Calculator

Update 2008-07-13: New Depth of Field Calculator Site

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19 thoughts on “Depth of Field Calculator for Windows Mobile 6

  • Patrik Karlsson

    Hi Leirdal

    Nice little application. Is it possible to make the crop-factor a variable or let the user add additional camera types?

    If you are willing to share the source code I could also make a try.

    Tanks in advance
    and looking forward to your next release 🙂


  • Jon Leirdal

    Hello Patrik

    To add additinal camera types:
    It’s easy to add cameras in the source-code. I haven’t included functionality to let the users to that themselves, but of course that would be something for a later release. The hard part is for the users to find the correct value needed to do the calulations for that specific camera.

    When you would like the crop-factor to be a variable I am not sure what you actually need. The main problem is probably the available display area. Can you give some description of what you are thinking of?

    Sure I can publish the source-code. It will have to wait until the weekend though. I am not sitting at the computer with the source-code right now.

    Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated.


    Jon Leirdal

  • Patrik Karlsson

    Hi Jon

    And thanks for the quick reply. With the crop-factor beeing variable I am meaning the focal length multiplier depending on the sensor.

    In the camera presets hard-coded in the app I guess you have defined them from specification to 1.5x, 1.6x or whatever.

    However for me (owning a Sony Alpha 700) this app is of no use depending on my different crop-factor.

    Therefor I am suggesting the possibility to either add new Cameras or changing the crop-factor.

    Appoligies for my english I am from Sweden 🙂

    Looking forward to the source code! I am a developer myself though I have never developed for WM.


  • Michael

    When I choose Canon 40d, 50mm, 1:1.8 and 1,50m distance I get different result (11cm) than choosing 150cm (5,89cm)?
    Is that a bug?

  • Aali Alikoski

    Great little app! Just what I was looking for. I almost started to develop something of my own but this app seems to fit the need perfectly. Thanks!

  • Jon Leirdal

    Depends how you look on it. You can only input values available on the scale right now. So 1,5 metres is rounded up to two. I’ll have a look at ways to improve that. Great find. Thanks…

  • TJ

    It doesn’t seem to work on my Motorola Q9h when installed to the device.

  • Michael

    Great little tool. I really like it. This limitation is easy to handle…

  • Steven Sherman

    What a great tool! It’s just wonderful – portable, easy to use, and very needed since so many lenses no longer provide DoF scales. Thanks so much for creating this needed program and making it available.

  • Zheng

    Hi there, I’m a Nikon user. Will it include Nikon models in the future?

  • Jon Leirdal

    I am working on a new version that includes the option to edit the camera list yourself. Within the application.

  • Barbara

    Unfortunately this site doesn’t have a Windows Mobile 6 version but it does have some tables with CoC listed for various camera models which is necessary for DoF calculations. You can slso can print various size charts – down to business card size which I keep in a conference tag on a lanyard in my camera bag

  • Jackson

    I am also a Nikon user.
    Any update for your new version ?


  • John Zammit

    Thanks for a great app! I just installed on my HTC Touch Diamond and it works brilliantly 😉

  • David Lynden

    Hi Jon. Great application. It’s nice to have it on my HTC rather than cart around a stack of papers covering all the options.

    I’ve just downloaded v1.3 Will there be an update? I’d love a version that maybe held the last values used, (it always resets to a Canon 40D) though not critical. And I also am a Nikon user. I’ve just used the 40D settings figuring they were probably close enough to a Nikon D90 – hope I’m right. So thank you for your effort, it’s really appreciated.