Winter beauty

As a hobby photographer, it is mostly during the weekends that I am able to play around with my camera and my computer. During the weekdays, work and other social responsibilities normally take up too much time to really spend some hours just clicking.

I happen to live near the cost, and while enjoying a sunny -1 degrees Celsius, I walked down to a beach called “Elleskjær” near me.

The usual suspects

The usual suspects greeted me when I got down to the beach. They were alert though and flew away when I tried to get a bit closer.


I tracked them, but as most of you know, seagulls are capable of escaping in 3 ways; walking, swimming and flying. I was prepared to engage in only one of those activities.


A seasoned tracker could probably tell the sex or something like that from this print. All I can tell is that it most probably was a bird that can swim. And most likely a seagull.

Northern view

This is a northern view in two ways I guess. It is the view towards the north, and as you probably have guessed; this was photographed in Norway.

Row row row your boat

During the summer most boats you see are slick, big, fast motor powered boats. During the winter the "real" men are out using other means of propulsion.


The sun got down to my height after a while, and the snow almost went totally white.

Into the sun

It is always nice when the sun shines trough the trees.


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