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Welcome to leirdal.net. This is a site belonging to me, Jon Leirdal. You might find a lot of strange things on my pages, but mostly things about photography or about science, computers and technology. Enjoy your visist

This first page is mostly a placeholder and entrance to all my other sites. The site that gets the most updates is my blog.


Latest from my blog:

Nerd-out at Venabygd
I am not the only one that like to take photos. I have a few friends with the same interests as well, and in September last year a few of us met up at Venabygd in order to satisfy our nerd genes. It was just the four of us and the dark night sky. I have […]

It’s raining again
It’s christmas in Norway, and I am sitting inside and looking out on the rain. This holiday season we are visiting family up “north” and are currently at my parents place on the west coast of Norway,  Nordmøre the area is called. The wind is howling around the windows and we barely get light during the […]

Happy Holidays!
Every year I do my little environmentally friendly christmas greeting by sending a digital christmas card. I decided to go with something of a designer look this year. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. Or if you prefer, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Latest from leirdal.com:

Hi, so nice of you to come visit my photography business site. Leirdal Photo is a small one-man business that I started in 2013. Friends of mine wanted to hire me for small photography assignments, and I wanted to do everything correctly. That is why I started a small company called Leirdal Photo based from […]

Eagle catch
I am starting off this site with three eagle photos.

Testing the water
Like this eagle, I am testing the water.