iPhone rulez?

I’ve gotten a new iPhone 3GS (32 GB) and of course I need to test all the features. There are a few small configuration tidbits still left for me I see. And if I continue to use it as I have so far, I have a serious battery problem. (Yes I disabled 3G networking as quick as I could, in order to save some part of my battery usage)

I am testing a lot of applications at the time being and I admit that there are some applications that are excellent, some fair and some I still am testing.

I have been using GPS on my mobile phones and Palm organizers for years. So that part of having an iPhone is not really new. I have noticed that the integration of location into several other features is a nice added value though. In addition to this I have been a satisfied owner of an iPod touch for years now, so some of the applications are fairly well known to me.

Social media is maybe one of the stronges feature sets available from the iTunes app store. So far the Facebook app is proving to be excellent, and I also like Twitterific and Nambu. I am still evaluating Shozu though.

The biggest plus in my eyes though is the massive increase in response time compared to Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 HTC phones. Even my Nokia N80 was faster than those. Palm organizers have always been responsive and simple to use, I would have liked to test the Palm Pre, but somewhere even my gadget budget have to stop.

More news soon to follow.

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